DIGC330, yo.

Hi DIGC330,

My name is Emily O’Brien and I am currently completing my final semester of a bachelor degree in communications and media studies, majoring in marketing and advertising.

I was born and raised in Sydney where I live in the St George area and work part-time at a local pub, bartending while I complete my degree.

I can’t believe I am in my final semester of university FINALLY!

Due to some part-time study and deferring I have managed to turn a 3 year degree into a 5 year degree and I am really looking forward to finishing up and graduating.

I have just returned to university from 6 months off for overseas travel. Two of my friends and I travelled to Mexico, followed by a road trip across the USA in a ridiculous campervan that had a giant lobster painted on it and was called the ‘surf and turf’. Our road trip started on the west coast in San Francisco and LA where we then made our way across the country stopping at many different site and places including Coachella music festival the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Boston and Salem. It was such an amazing experience and extremely eye opening. After taking time off and having my little crazy adventure I’m really struggling to get back into the swing of university life, so bare with me if my blog posts are a little rusty.

Oh and for all you Breaking Bad fans out there.

This one’s for you!


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